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'The book'. The Enigmatic Woman.

ISBN 978-1-904162-12-4


The author is of interest to psychologists because of his very controversial pornographic science books publications. When you buy this true story book, this is quite a bundle, you also get three free easy to read, no psychology jargon controversial science books to read.

This science psychology analyses book is my eleventh book, this book is a true account of how I fell in love with a Twenty Nine year old very attractive young woman between early February to mid March 2017 named Olivia by mutual e-mail correspondence. Olivia's picture is on the book cover.

This is the second relationship where I have been in love with a woman, 1992 Hayley, 2017 Olivia, where I have considered unlawful behaviour to put my arms around and carefully caress and love the woman that I was deeply in love with.

So, was Olivia true or false? Had she found the love she so desired ? knowing that her new partner was the one that she would truly worship and remember for the rest of her life?

Olivia wanted to come to the United Kingdom to be with me, there is good welfare and free hospital support in the UK. Olivia also had good knowledge of this and that if she married me and left me pregnant or with offspring that the local government would find her a house and support her.

This book is a One Hundred and Thirteen pages long read, for additional reference there are One Hundred and Eighty Six numbered letters, love letters, recorded in this book, some of the letters are very sexually explicit to try and iron out any sexual problems should live together.

So, is there a link to psychologists? Well, you as the reader will have to read to the end of this book to find out. Don't forget this book is a bargain, the reader gets three other very interesting e-books to read bundled with this book.

One of these included free e-books has a review by Alejandro Nitsch a Medical Doctor Twitter Handle @tenkaivanish his closing comment is "I think this book deserves to be published and even studied in medicine schools around the world. I'm grateful for the opportunity of reading and reviewing it."

Book Cover.

Download The Book 'The Enigmatic Woman' Here .

'The Book.' Janet James.

ISBN 978-1-904162-11-7


Olivia, the subject of my book 'The Enigmatic Woman' above had not been in contact with me by e-mail for three months and the love for her slowly died. I manage a science site on Twitter @AnthonyJohns1 and women often contact me through Twitter for friendship courtship and marriage thinking that I am wealthy and a good catch. I am not wealthy.

Janet James contacted me on twitter, I investigated Janet to see if she was a scammer and I fell in love with her, it is for you the reader to assess, decide, whether Janet is a scammer or just a very lonely woman on a very small budget looking for an older intelligent man for a caring loving relationship to find happiness and better her lifestyle.

Janet as you can see on the book cover is beautiful with a very slim teenage body with large firm breasts, she is a narcissist and takes very good selfie photographs, many of which are erotic and displayed in this book.

If Janet is a scammer she is very good at her art, hones her craft well in her internet chat in this case through WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp chat log is recorded in this book so the reader can see how she displays her craft: is she genuine or a scammer? I like to think she is genuine and that we were both in love with each other.

This is a Fifty Six page length book.

Book Cover.

Download 'The Book' Janet James Here .

The Book. 'The Scammers.'

ISBN 978-1-904162-13-1


On the 24Th August 2017 I received an email from a man perporting to be Prince Hamdan Rashid Bin, The Crown Prince of Dubai. I was interested in this email and I thought another scammer. Hamden offered me a large sum of money to do work for him, you will see in this book the traits such scammers use to trick people out of their money.

You will also see things to watch out for, for you to be aware the person you are communicating with is a falsehood, and that this person is an educated cleaver confidence trickster: just after your money. All of the protracted conversations, the twitter log with illustrations, are recorded in this book.

Book Cover.

Download The Book 'The Scammers' Here .

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